Protect your car and yourself with car window tinting

Protect your car and yourself with car window tinting

Protect your car and yourself with car window tinting

What is the car window tinting?

Window tinting is the process reducing the penetration of light or specific radiation bands. It is measured by Visible Light Transmission (VLT) which is the amount of light that can pass through your car window.

reducing the penetration of light

However, the laws of car window tint are different in different area. You need to check the laws of the area where you are living first. In New South Wales, laws of car tinting include that front side must have minimum 35% VLT, while back side and rear window must have minimum 20% VLT. If you want to tint your windscreen, only the uppermost part of the windshield equaling to 10% can be permitted with windows tinted.

There are also other tinting laws in NSW that should be noticed. The window tint must not be reflective or mirror-like. It also cannot have any bubbled, damaged, discolored or deteriorated, which would affect vision of the driver. If the vehicle is designed to carry goods, such as trucks and vans, there less need to see through the rear window, and therefore, there is no VLT limits for windows tinting behind the driver.

Why we need car window tinting?

There are strong UV rays outside in Australia, which is harmful to your skin. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have your car window tinting in Sydney. Glass tinting can reduce the harmful UV passing through car windows, which can protect passengers. In the meantime, window tinting allows as much natural light as possible into the car, which let car inside maintain good vision.

In addition, car tinting can help reduce heat entering cars when surrounding by sunlight, usually by increasing the reflectivity of the glass surface to block more than 50% heat from the light.

car window tinting

Moreover, window tinting can keep cars very private. Others are hard to see inside the car with window tinted. It also a way decorating car windows.

How to tint the car window?

We have window tint professional services, using latest technology. If you are looking for window tinting service, you can come to us. Our shop like cars homes, and we provide excellent customer service, protecting your investment.

Whether you are at your home or office, you can contact us. We have professional car that can carry all tools to your place, which called mobile services, to help you tint windows. We are always here to help you.

There are mainly two approaches to tint windows. The first is using window tinting films, and the other is ceramic coating.

Window tinting film is a type of film which can stick to glass, reducing UV rays and heat passing through your car.

tint the car window

Steps of tinting film are simple but profession reliable. The first step is cleaning the car windows. We must make sure to get rid of all the dirt on the window and gaskets, otherwise there would be air bubbles in the film.

Secondly, it is important for us to measure carefully and pre-cut the film, leaving several centimeters on each side to ensure that the entire glass can be covered. And then we would repair the cut into the accurate shape to fit the window.

Additionally, we spray a large amount of installation fluid toward the window and on the glue of films as well before installing the film.

When pasting the film, we attach the film to the car window from bottom to top. We use a rubber wiper to press from the middle of the film, making sure there are no air bubbles in the film. After that, it cannot be ignored to tuck the bottom of the film under the window gasket.

Ceramic coating is the process that spraying and applying a layer of special colored paint on car windows. The ceramic paint protection can be maintained longer than films. However, when painting, we must remove the whole car window, which is complicated.


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